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At AEDRA we help everyone, no matter what stage they are in their eating disorder. And we believe everyone can reach full recovery, no matter how long they have struggled with Eating Disorders.

We help you recover, once-and-for-all, in the real world, to cut out the endless cycles of inpatient, recovery, relapse.

We use evidence-based techniques, neuroscience and psychophysiology along with the most cutting-edge research to create fully personalised, responsive support for all adults struggling with Eating Disorders. We also work to educate and raise awareness about Eating Disorders in adults and the impact they have on the lives of sufferers and their loved ones.

"Finally!! Someone who gets it!!" (MK, Denver)

"You are the first person who's even been able to help and understand me" (NS)

"I've just recommended you to my friend who's struggling too... because you're a wizard"  (LA, Scotland)

 Our Philosophy

🍽 Here at AEDRA eating disorder centre, we know you cannot tell someone's level of health by the size or shape of their body.

🍽  We do not believe in harm reduction or just reducing your eating disorder behaviours. This is not recovery.

🍽 We also know that recovering fully is not just about recovering your relationship with food, it is about recovering your relationship with life.

🍽 We know from personal experience that recovering from your eating disorder will probably be the hardest thing you've ever done in your life. 

🍽 We also know it will be worth it.


Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

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Enhanced CBT for your recovery


Integrative Therapy for Eating Disorders



Helping You to Support Your Loved One In Their Recovery

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