Cate Lott

I own and manage AEDRA, and I live and work in the UK . I’m an eating disorder therapist, trauma therapist and I offer outpatient therapy and transformational recovery coaching, working with people in Northamptonshire, UK + worldwide via video 🌏


I am a qualified and accredited cognitive behavioural therapist, an accredited coach, stress management consultant and I am currently studying for my clinical traumatology certification. I have been helping people professionally for over 20 years. I am a coaching supervisor and enjoy helping other coaches in their professional practice. I use my eating psychology and nutrition training  to support with clients who suffer from disordered eating patterns. I have trained in CBT-E with Christopher Fairburn and MANTRA at the Maudsley, both recommended evidence-based treatments for all forms of eating disorder seen in adults; I also have a background in advanced abnormal psychology, CBC and therapeutic coaching, IPT, mindfulness, meditation and various approaches that help promote recovery including DBT, ACT, TF-CBT, CPT and STAIR. I am an eating disorder recovery mentor , and I am an accredited trauma debriefing facilitator.


I am incredibly passionate about eating disorder recovery, about helping you find your voice, about health at every size, & advocating against weight stigma and diet culture.

My approach is informal , tough and compassionate and very effective. I have recovered from restrictive Anorexia and I have survived trauma and struggled with anxiety.  I use my personal experiences and training to create a unique approach and personalised support plan to help you overcome the obstacles and challenges you are facing and find the same freedom I did.

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Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy and Style

My Coaching philosophy is based on honouring each client as an expert in their life and work. I believe that every client is naturally creative, resourceful and whole and it is my job to:

• Discover, clarify and align with what my clients want to achieve
• Encourage self-discovery
• Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
• Hold clients responsible and accountable

Listening, really listening, to my clients and asking powerful questions that open their horizon is at the core of who I am as a Coach. I love that clients have described my style as empathic, insightful, no-nonsense, innovative, bold, rigorous, action-oriented, optimistic, intuitive and fun.

Beliefs and Core Values

I believe that having an extraordinary life is possible for all of my clients. My approach stems from the perspective that a fulfilling, even amazing life is available to you. It’s simply a matter of finding the path that leads you there.

As a practising Coach I hold training and professionalism as one of my highest values. It has always been extremely important to me to receive the best possible education so that I can serve my clients with the utmost confidence and cutting edge techniques. My dedication to continuing my education in this field deepens with each new conference and training that I attend. 

Hannah Joseph

I am a Boston native, a Pacific-Northwesterner at heart, and a current resident of San Diego  where I live with my husband, our two year old daughter, and our dog.

I have been in recovery from my eating disorder for six years. 
I graduated from University of Washington with a BA in Psychology and am currently pursuing certification as an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach. I am committed to a career in the eating disorders field and in particular to expanding access to evidence-based treatments and creating new forms of support for those whose needs are not met by traditional treatment options.
In my free time, I enjoy reading mystery novels, volunteering with a dog rescue organisation, and exploring southern California with my family.

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