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Welcome to our popular online eating disorder training tailored for a variety of audiences 

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a training for your workplace or school

Online Eating Disorder Training

        Eating Disorder Awareness Training


This training is perfect for companies, businesses, gyms and studios that want to raise awareness amongst themselves about eating disorders.

Included in what we will cover:

  • What eating disorders are, and what they are not

  • Biological explanations

  • What energy deficit is, and what can cause it

  • The difference between causes and contributing factors

  • Bodyweight suppression

  • Compulsive movement

  • Binge eating

  • Various forms of purging

  • Signs and symptoms of an eating disorder

  • Mental state changes

  • Physical changes and complications

  • What you can do if you suspect an eating disorder

Each session will conclude with an open Q and A.

 Discounts are available to nonprofit organisations and small businesses. Contact me for more details.

Do you own a gym, a yoga studio, or work as a fitness instructor or personal trainer?


Have you ever suspected that someone in your gym or studio has an unhealthy relationship with exercise?

What should you do if you suspect a gym member has an eating disorder?

Eating Disorder Awareness Training for Gyms, Yoga Studios, and Fitness Professionals

Eating disorders affect people of all ages, genders, and body sizes. A person can still be at risk from the malnutrition associated with an eating disorder if they are not underweight. Eating disorders kill, and if there is someone in your gym that you are worried about, you should take action.


This three hour workshop is designed to give gym owners, gym staff, personal trainers, and group fitness instructors information that will help them detect the signs that a person is suffering from an eating disorder.

Training length: 3 hours

Contact me for more information

You will learn:


  • Why you should be on the lookout for eating disorders in your fitness operation

  • Signs and symptoms of an eating disorder

  • Long-term consequences of malnutrition

  • Common misconceptions about eating disorders

  • How to recognise excessive exercise and why it is a problem

  • What the metabolism-lowering affects of malnutrition mean for people and how working out can compromise them further

  • Common “health” messages that can lead to development of eating disorders

  • What support for an eating disorder entails, and why it is important that full nutritional rehabilitation is met

  • How to refer someone to a professional, and support them in the process

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